How We Help

We specialize in all things Python.

Develop New Applications

Whether it is a web application, microservices, or chat bots, our team of professional python developers work with key stakeholders to help bring new projects to market quickly and efficiently.

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Existing Projects

Does updating one part of your code impact other unrelated parts? Do you find yourself often releasing bugs into production? Need extra set of hands? We can help provide sanity to the chaos you may be experiencing.

Training & Education

Technology and the way we develop is constantly changing. From following Agile methodologies to writing great tests to functioning DevOps, it can be overwhelming to bring a team up to speed with the ever changing best practices. We provide hands-on training in our engineering processes that enable us to do the amazing work we do without compromising high quality.

How We Work

How we increase the quality and maintainability of any software project

Phase 1: Discovery

We often don't need a whole lot to begin with, a single stakeholder is a great starting point to generate requirements for a given project. We work in an agile fashion, and having the entire requirement set prior to is not something we find necessary. Instead, our project managers and lead developers provide guidance in establishing requirements and priorities.

Phase 2: Preparation

We believe preparation is pivotal to success. We are strong advocates of automated testing and working in an agile fashion. What does that mean? We take the time to establish continuous integration and depoyment workflows to ensure we are able to deliver features and gather feedback quickly.

Phase 3: Implementation

Once we’ve set the foundation, we continue to develop through an iterative, agile model. Every 1 - 2 weeks, we provide demos and opportunity to collaborate through design and discussion so next set of deliverables can be determined. All work done follows our rigorous engineering processes such as automated testing, and CI/CD flows. Our developers do not compromise on quality.

Phase 4: Training & Transfer

All projects are done with the key goal to transfer back to our clients and are fully documented and playbooks, available when needed. In order to do this we provide an assisted transition plan that can include remote or local training sessions with the on-premise teams as well as comprehensive project reviews.

Why Choose Us?

We are not jack of all trades, but masters of Python.

We know Python

We know Python. We have worked with Python 2 & 3, as well as frameworks such as Django, and Flask. Even though Python 2 & 3 are both Python, we understand the differences and help navigate the common pitfalls.

Local Talent. Trained & Ready to Code.

Our seasoned on-shore team of developers are all locally trained, educated, and we strongly believe in bolstering our local economy and supporting home-grown talent. We know what it takes to retain and nurture strong engineering talent. Our developers can be found in local meet-ups and teaching at local institutions..

Flexible Business Model

We understand that not all clients are the same. We work with you to define what is appropriate and makes the most sense for given scenarios. From fixed-model to retainer, we value the intricacies and needs of our clients.

Who We Have Worked With

Startups to Fortune 1000s


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